Statistically, Spain scores the highest in health, at 92.75 out of 100, while the UK falls behind. Although everyone shares a common goal of living healthier lives, many people struggle with where to start.

Starting a healthier lifestyle doesn’t require grandiose resolutions, strict diets, or rigorous exercise routines. The most significant improvements to one’s health often result from the slightest, most manageable shifts.

Take a look at these suggestions for simple changes you can make in your daily routine to benefit your overall health.


Increase Your Daily Fruit and Vegetable Intake

Include some fruit in your morning meal, a serving of vegetables with dinner, and maybe even a fruit-filled smoothie in place of your usual afternoon snack. Try eating various kinds of fruits and vegetables instead of just one type to get the full benefits. Consider which fruits and vegetables you might be willing to add to your diet.

Increase Your Water Intake

Everyone needs to increase their water intake, but the adage that says we should all drink eight glasses of 8 ounces per day may not apply to some people. The right amount of water to drink can aid in better sleep, digestion, and more, but it can be challenging to gauge how much water you need.

To get started, purposefully drink one more glass of water every day to your current amount. Start the day with a glass of water and continue to drink it before each meal.


Reduce How Much Time You Spend Staring at a Screen

Using electronic devices in the hours before bed may seem like a good idea, as you can get some work done or watch a few episodes of your favourite show. But experts warn that the blue light emitted by these devices may be keeping you awake.

Though it may be challenging, limiting your screen usage during leisure might have positive benefits on your mental health. Instead of using your phone, try reading a book or doing something else that is equally relaxing.


Increase Your Weekly Exercise

Physical and mental well-being can be vastly improved by walking for just 20 minutes daily. If you don’t have time for a walk every day, commit to taking one once weekly instead.

And if you don’t like going outside, numerous practical physical activities can be performed without leaving the house. A five-minute, once-daily workout using only your body weight can be a powerful agent of transformation. Mark it down like you would a meeting or a lunch date with a friend.


Improve Your Sleep Routine

Constant pain and discomfort during the day could result from an improper sleeping position. You should use a firm pillow, just the right height, to prevent your head from being pushed up or down while you sleep.

If you’re having trouble getting comfortable while sleeping, try hugging yourself with a body pillow and propping your arms and knees on it. This easy sleeping method ensures you’ll be as comfortable and relaxed as possible while maintaining a healthy spine.


Upright MRI: Seek Medical Help for a Healthier Life

There are numerous easy adjustments you can make to your routine that will have a significant impact on your health. Pick the ones that will have the most negligible impact on your daily life and start there.

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