Tony had needed a full back MRI scan but being claustrophobic, he chose against booking a traditional MRI scan and instead opted for an Upright MRI scan at Leeds Upright Centre.

Upon arrival, Tony was greeted by the Upright team who looked after him throughout his visit, putting him instantly at ease.

“The welcome I got from the team was welcoming and puts you at ease straight away. As I start to get older I suffer badly from claustrophobia and I can’t do normal mri scans in the tunnel as I just want to get out. It’s just not for me anymore but your upright scanner is perfect.”




Throughout the scan, Tony was overwhelmed by how kind, reassuring and professional the radiographer was..

“The lady was excellent at her job and clearly took a pride in her work. She was very knowledgeable, very kind and a big help to people who have issues. This lady is an ambassador to your company in every way!”
“I have run many companies in my time and wish I had a company full of ladies like this lady. I’m not usually short of words I can assure you but I just can’t emphasise this enough. This lady ticked every box.”


Tony was not only impressed with the level of service but also the Upright MRI centre itself; “The venue is spotless, the equipment is spotless.”

“To whoever reads this, you (Upright team) run an excellent service thank you and you have excellent staff. Well done again!  If you have a staff award, I would like to present the award to Leeds Upright Centre. I’m sure I could also involve the press as your service is one of Leeds best kept secrets.”
“Your service is the best in the UK or indeed Europe”


Enquire for a Scan at Upright MRI

If you or someone you know needs to get a scan as soon as possible, Upright MRI can help. We accept private patient and NHS patient referrals for open upright MRI scans at our clinics in Central London, Leeds and Birmingham.  You don’t even require a referral but you can simply self-refer online.

Read our FAQ page if you have questions about our procedures and fill out our enquiry form for consultations and other concerns.

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