Suffering from Claustrophobia, the prospect of undergoing a conventional MRI scan was simply not an option for Olivia. Her neurologist kindly referred her to Open Upright MRI.

‘I was referred for the scan by my neurologist. I was unable to have a conventional MRI scan because I found the conventional scanner very claustrophobic.’


Booking the appointment proved to be a hassle-free experience for Olivia;

‘It was really easy to book the appointment. After I was referred, a receptionist called me on my mobile and we fixed a date. In fact I then had to change the date as there was going to be a tube strike on that day – that too was really easy and the reception staff were very helpful.’


Upon arrival, Olivia found the Open Upright MRI service to be revolutionarily different to traditional scans;

‘I needed to have a really long scan as my neurologist asked for my brain and spine to be scanned – with contrast for some scans. It was a bit boring and noisy but compared to being in one of those tunnels for one and a half hours (which was the alternative) it was great. Nothing I couldn’t cope with!’



Furthermore, Olivia was overwhelmed by the professionalism, compassion and even personalised care she received from the Upright MRI staff;

‘The staff were so lovely – my radiographer couldn’t have been kinder, even helping me back to reception and arranging for one of the reception staff to help me get a cab home.’


Reflecting on the impact of using the Open Upright MRI service, Olivia felt incredibly grateful..

‘It allowed me to have a scan that I needed and would not otherwise have been able to have.’


And when asked if she would recommend the Open Upright MRI service to others, Olivia was quick to respond;

‘Absolutely! A big thank you to all the lovely staff!’



Enquire for a Scan at Upright MRI

If you or someone you know needs to get a scan as soon as possible, Upright MRI can help. We accept private patient and NHS patient referrals for open upright MRI scans at our clinics in Central London, Leeds and Birmingham.  You don’t even require a referral but you can simply self-refer online.

Read our FAQ page if you have questions about our procedures and fill out our enquiry form for consultations and other concerns.

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