Suffering from Claustrophobia, Lesley was relieved to discover the option of booking an Upright MRI scan of her cervical spine as opposed to the traditional MRI scan, she’d previously dreaded.


Upon arrival at the Upright clinic, she was greeted by the Upright MRI team who looked after her throughout her visit, putting her instantly at ease.

As soon as Lesley was introduced to the Radiographer and the open, more comfortable Upright MRI machine, her apprehension soon eased off…

‘I was nervous, but my experience was so much better than a conventional MRI as I was not completely enclosed.’


Lesley was very impressed with the whole Upright MRI experience. With the caring staff together with the open, accommodating design of the machine itself, it was a new and positive experience, a complete game-changer for her.

‘From the reception staff to the radiographer, the staff were lovely and very reassuring throughout. I would not have been able to have an MRI without your service’


After her scan, Lesley felt so relieved. Her experience had been so easy and relaxed, helped by the exceptional support she received from the Upright team.

‘Without hesitation I would recommend your service to others.’


Upright Open MRI scanners can be the ideal choice for many people; particularly those who suffer from claustrophobia, anxiety or for those with difficulty in lying flat for long periods of time due to their size or mobility issues. Whilst in the weight-bearing state, the Upright scanner can move itself to a position whereby superior imaging of the targeted body parts can be captured.




Enquire for a Scan at Upright MRI

If you or someone you know needs to get a scan as soon as possible, Upright MRI can help. We accept private patient and NHS patient referrals for open upright MRI scans at our clinics in Central London, Leeds and Birmingham.  You don’t even require a referral but you can simply self-refer online.

Read our FAQ page if you have questions about our procedures and fill out our enquiry form for consultations and other concerns.

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