This article is part of our Patient Story series, contributed by Cheryl

‘’I would like to point out these incredibly amazing staff members at the Fitzrovia centre for their outstanding ability to engage with their patients in such a professional, positive, humane and accommodating way. This service is to be highly commended. I would also like to suggest that this specific type of scanner is one which I would highly recommend for easing the stress for people suffering with claustrophobia. A major THANK YOU to all at this health centre for my amazing experience!’’


Suffering from severe claustrophobia, it was only recently in October that Cheryl arrived for what would be her second attempt at having her Cervical Spine MRI scan. Opting to book her scan with Upright MRI, she was astonished at how much of game changer this would be…

‘’I am very claustrophobic so the anxiety factor was pretty much ‘Off the scale’ and the fact that I had failed miserably at being able to negotiate the scan with the large, doughnut-shaped magnet on the previous attempt, only worsened the situation.’’



Having arrived in good time at out Fitzrovia Community Diagnostic Centre, she was warmly greeted by the team at reception and soon introduced to Chris Paul, the radiographer, who she also found to be very friendly.

‘’The building was brightly lit, clean and there was only one appointment before mine and the friendly environment allowed for me to engage with that patient and the person accompanying.’’



When called through for her appointment, Cheryl couldn’t help notice the welcoming cool air conditioning and large brightly-back lit pictures on the wall which she found to have a calming effect. The radiographer made her fully aware of everything involved with the procedure including the scanner itself, which greatly helped to reassure her.

‘’This was the seated/upright scanner which turned out to have been an absolutely amazing experience. I had joked that all that was needed in the room was a screen and some popcorn to which he replied by pointing to a screen behind me!’’


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Cheryl was surprisingly impressed at the ease and relaxed nature of the entire procedure.

‘’The experience for me was the best I have ever had. This scanner is nothing short of awesome. It was much quieter than any other which I had previously been scanned by and once the process had been explained, it was so stress-free that the procedure even had a ‘Meditative’ effect, causing me to actually doze off for a while!’’



In addition to the procedure itself, Cheryl was overwhelmed by the incredibly warm and caring staff who had made her experience so positive.

‘’The staff were amazing and made what had always been a traumatic experience up until that point, a completely pleasant one.’’



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