Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI machines help doctors get a picture of what is happening inside the patient’s body. These scanners use strong magnetic field gradients and radio waves that provide images of the organs, skeletal, and nervous systems.

As helpful as they are, some patients’ immediate reactions to an MRI might be anxiety and a feeling of discomfort. Not to mention the panic claustrophobic patients feel. The good news is that more Open MRI clinics today offer open MRI systems allowing for a more comfortable experience.


Our state-or the-art scanners; specifically designed for patients who suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety.



The Difference Between Closed and Open MRI


Closed and open MRI systems offer the same services but differ in how the scanning is delivered. Physicians will determine whether to use an open or closed MRI scanning, but it also depends on the patient’s state and phobias. Since open MRI is relatively new in the medical industry, let’s look at what open and closed MRIs have to offer.



Closed MRI


Closed MRI systems have a conventional cylindrical space with a bore size of 60 centimetres. Patients are slid into this space and scanned by a strong magnetic field, producing detailed, high-quality images. The closed MRI system allows a more accurate diagnosis and better detection of various diseases like multiple sclerosis and coronary artery disease.

This system’s main disadvantage is noise, patient comfort, and motion. It’s not recommended that claustrophobic patients use closed MRI systems. Many patients also feel discomfort as a result of the loud noise the machine produces and the fact that they need to remain motionless during the scanning process.



Open MRI


Unlike the closed MRI, the open MRI scanner works the same way, but the machine is open on all sides, providing patients with greater comfort. No cylindrical tubes, no claustrophobic feelings, no anxiety.

The open MRI uses two flat magnets positioned under and over the machine. Patients will not feel anxious because they can see everything around them. Their position can be standing, sitting, or lying, depending on the body part being examined. An open and upright MRI is the best solution for additional comfort, especially for patients with claustrophobia.



The Advantage of Open MRI


Open MRIs may not be practised widely because of their recency on the market. However, more and more Open MRI clinics recognise the benefits that open MRIs have to offer – no more fighting claustrophobia and anxiety whilst getting a scan.

The open structure allows breathing room for patients to feel comfortable while, at the same time, the design offers a reduced noise experience. Larger and obese patients can now get the service they are entitled to.



Why Choose Open MRI?


Upright Open MRI offers patients a more tolerable scanning experience. Anxious and claustrophobic patients get the possibility of a more pleasant way to the required imagery. We are the UK’s largest open and upright MRI technology operator designed to scan patients in weight-bearing positions.

Being the first to allow patients to self-refer for an MRI, we offer competitive prices, fast assessments, patient satisfaction, and comfort. Working with reputable healthcare professionals, we accept private or NHS patient referrals.  Contact us and let us take care of your health.


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