What We Do

Positional imaging


Due to the unique nature of our scanners, we are able to perform positional imaging. The revolutionary design of Upright MRI scanners allow patients to simply walk in and be scanned in a sitting or standing position. The Upright MRI allows all parts of the body, particularly the spine and joints, to be imaged in the weight bearing state to show the effect of gravity on the spine. This is a bonus in sports injuries as we can place the patient into the position where they have the most pain. We have already successfully diagnosed injuries in, for instance, footballers, rowers, cyclists and gymnasts. The system can also rotate the vertically-oriented patient into a horizontal position so the patient can be scanned lying down as in conventional MRI scanning

  • Scan patients in flexion, extension, rotation and lateral bending
  • Scan patients in a sitting position
  • Scan patients lying down
  • Scan patients in their position of pain
  • Scan cardiovascular patients upright to prevent discomfort lying down

An added bonus is the open nature of the scanner which is helpful if you also happen to suffer from claustrophobia.

Fonar machine

Patients with respiratory conditions

For a variety of clinical reasons, some patients are simply unable to lie flat and still for long periods of time in a conventional scanner. Our scanner can help these patients at a difficult time, enabling them to benefit from the vital diagnostic imaging that an MRI scan brings.

Larger Patients and MRI

Many larger patients find it difficult to fit into the constricted space of a conventional “tunnel” scanner. Because our scanner is truly open and the gap between the magnet plates is larger, you will feel much more comfortable and relaxed during the scan.

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