Although we operate as private centres, we do frequently scan NHS patients with prior approved funding. Funding for an Upright MRI can be arranged via a variety of different methods depending on your circumstances.

The most common method is through the Individual Funding Request (IFR) process. This requires your GP to submit an Individual Funding Request to the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). This group will then review the request and make a decision as to whether or not funding will be granted.

Alternatively, if you are under the care of a consultant at a hospital, they are able to apply directly to the NHS Trust that is responsible for that hospital for funding – if you feel that you are unable to tolerate a traditional supine MRI, this is something you should discuss with your consultant.

Finally, we do hold contracts or have prior arrangements with a variety of NHS bodies throughout the country, which enables easier access for their patients.

If you would like to find out more, or have any questions regarding the process of arranging funding, please do feel free to get in touch with our team – they have a great deal of experience in helping patients with this process.

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