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Located at FKS House, 40-44 Newman Street, W1T 1QD, we are in the heart of London and only a few minutes walk from Goodge Street Underground Station.

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About our Scanner

The revolutionary design of FONAR’s Upright™ MRI allows patients to simply walk in and be scanned. The Upright™ MRI allows all parts of the body, particularly the spine and joints, to be imaged in the weight bearing state. The system is equipped with a unique MRI-compatible motorized patient handling system that will move the patient into the magnet and place the anatomy of interest into the centre of the magnet gap. It can also rotate the vertically-oriented patient into a horizontal position so the patient can be scanned lying down as in conventional MRI scanning

  • Scan patients in flexion, extension, rotation and lateral bending
  • Scan patients in a sitting position
  • Scan patients lying down
  • Scan patients in their position of pain
  • Scan cardiovascular patients upright to prevent discomfort lying down

Apart from these clinical applications, the truly open design of the scanner makes it ideal for scanning claustrophobic patients.

Claustrophobic patients are welcome to come and view the scanner prior to their scan, to alleviate any concerns that they may have. Our team are experienced with helping those suffering from claustrophobia have an anxiety free experience at our centre.

Bariatric patients

Ease of access to MRI scans for bariatric and high BMI patients is poor across the country with some patients waiting up to a year for a suitable scan. Our scanners are capable of scanning patients up to circa 30 stone (191kg). Our specialist service for patients of this type ensures we provide Equity of Access for this significant group of patients across the country with a clinically robust, safe and effective service.

Our service is improving the experiences of this patent cohort by routinely delivering appointments within a maximum of two weeks, clinical reports by specialist UK consultant radiologists within two days and a 10% clinical audit providing the clinical rigour that underpins the whole service.

Weight-bearing MRI scans

Our Upright Open MRI scanners allow imaging under the influence of gravity or weight-bearing. There is a growing body of published clinical evidence 1 that supports the benefit to some patients of having a scan in the position under which they are experiencing pain or other symptoms, a situation that is not necessarily achieved with a conventional tunnel scanner. Image quality is of a diagnostic quality suitable for specialist consultant radiologists to deliver a clinical report for patients. The results of the scan are routinely delivered in 48 hours often sooner. The upright or weight-bearing position of the scan also provides a patient-friendly experience. During the scan patients can see the radiographer at all times, are able to watch TV or a DVD and can simply walk out when the scan is complete.

MRI under General Anaesthetic

Many patients find having a scan even with an oral sedation a traumatic experience that can not be entertained. In these cases, typically the only other alternatives besides coming to an Open and Upright scanner like ours is to either have an MRI under a general anaesthetic or have another less clinically-suitable diagnostic scan. There are inherent clinical risks with all medical procedures and scans under General Anaesthetic so avoiding these types of scans if there are other suitable alternatives is most often the more sensible route for patients. Our scanners are increasingly meeting this need for both patients and healthcare providers where there are also clear financial savings as well as first and foremost the above clinical benefits.

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