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We offer MRI scanning for patients who are anxious about being scanned in a conventional MRI scanner, are unable to fit in a conventional MRI scanner, those who are unable to lie flat for the duration of the required scan, and for those with back pain problems which may not show up on a conventional machine.

Best practice has shown that administering GA or sedation may not result in the best images. In addition there are issues surrounding the extra cost and patient safety. We can also prevent blockages in the patient pathway which may have cost or time implications for your overstretched imaging departments and waiting lists.


We are able to scan private, self-funding and NHS patients. For all patients we require their clinical details, so that we are scanning the correct area of the body. The table below shows those areas we can scan.

For private patients all we require is their membership details and authorization number and for NHS patients we need a letter of approval from the fundholder to say that they will fund the scan. Providing the patient’s phone number will help to speed the process of booking an appointment.

The scanner in London has a 0.6 Tesla field strength and in Leeds / Birmingham 0.5 Tesla. Images are of the highest quality and our experienced Consultant Radiologists are able to provide a report for you within 48 hours of the scan being performed.

We are able to send images via the Internet Exchange Portal (IEP) or on a CD, the report can be sent to you by fax or e-mail.

In London we can perform standing scans but we generally scan with the patient in a seated position which still shows the effect of gravity on the spine. In Leeds we currently scan in a seated or slightly tilted position or lying down.

Our staff and Radiologists are always available to help answer your questions and to advise you as necessary.



Leeds / Birmingham





MRA of Head and Neck


MRA of Head and CoW


Cervical Spine


Thoracic Spine


Lumbar Spine






Pelvis (orthopaedic imaging)


Unable to scan as a whole part

Individual Hips


SI Joints
















Soft Tissue Neck


Non contrast Circle of Willis


Non contrast carotids


Contrast enhanced MRA








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Insured Patients

We are approved by all the major private insurance providers for MRI.

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