We are the most experienced operator of upright and open MRI in the United Kingdom. We were the first to offer this service to the public when we opened our first centre in London in 2006, and we are still the only company to operate both of the only two upright and open MRI scanners – the Fonar Indomitable, and the Paramed MrOpen.

In the eleven years we have been open we have successfully scanned more than 50,000 patients, referred to us by over 5,500 medical professionals. The majority of these individuals have been previously unable to tolerate a traditional supine MRI scanner – yet with our open scanners and caring teams, they have successfully obtained the imaging that they require.

The clinical skills and experience held by our consultant radiologists is unmatched in this area. Not only are they some of the most experienced and well regarded MSK and Neuro radiologists in the country, they also have a great deal of experience reporting on upright and open MRI imaging.

We have worked closely with the manufacturers of the scanners to ensure the best possible images are obtained, and we have been the provider of choice for a number of research projects. We also hold contracts and agreements with a number of prominent NHS trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups, and assist many others on an ad-hoc basis.

If you choose to come to us for an upright and open MRI scan, you can rest assured that our experience in this area is unmatched.

Insured Patients

We are approved by all the major private insurance providers for MRI.

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