Many larger patients are either unable to fit in a conventional tunnel MRI scanner, or report a claustrophobic response to the enclosed environment due to their size.

Due to the fully open design of our scanners, we are able to accommodate larger patients than traditional tunnel MRI scanners – and our upright and open MRI scanners have higher weight limits than any alternatives currently on the market.

It is important to note that weight is not the only consideration – our scanners do have a maximum width, so the body composition of the individual is an important factor.

The weight limits and maximum width we can accommodate at each of our three centres is as follows:

The London Upright MRI Centre

  • Maximum Weight: 227kg / 35 Stone
  • Maximum Width: 45.7cm / 18 inches

The Leeds Upright MRI Centre / The Birmingham Upright MRI Centre

  • Maximum Weight: 200kg / 31.4 Stone
  • Maximum Width: 56cm / 22 inches

We provide a much more comfortable experience for larger individuals, and we have helped countless individuals who have been unable to enter a traditional tunnel MRI due to their size obtain the imaging they require.

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