Claustrophobia and MRI


As you will know, most sufferers of claustrophobia have problems with the closed in sensation of a conventional tunnel MRI scanner. Even so called “open” and ”wide open” scanners can cause panic and distress. For claustrophobics, having to lie still in a confined space for a long time, feeling trapped and not being able to see out is highly stressful. It is quite understandable that children can be particularly anxious inside a conventional MRI scanner.

Upright MRI scanners are designed with the claustrophobic patient in mind. You can walk into our scanners and, depending on which part of you is being scanned; you sit, lie slightly backward, lie horizontally or even stand in some cases. At all times, you will be able to see around you and you can watch TV or a DVD on our plasma screen. When the scan is finished you simply walk out. Our radiographers are very experienced in dealing with claustrophobic patients and will take their time to ensure that you are completely comfortable and relaxed.

To date, we have successfully scanned most claustrophobic patients who have previously been unable to tolerate a conventional tunnel scanner or even an “open” scanner.

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